You Are What You Eat!

Dear Lord!

I thank you for providing us with resources to help support the bodies you have given us. I pray that we take care of them to the best of our abilities. Help us to not be indulgent but to provide ourselves with what we need. Lord, I pray that you be with all of my squirrelly followers and help them to care for their bodies as you do.


As most of you may know, I recently started the paleo lifestyle (not calling it a diet). This means no grains, no dairy, no sugar, no lentils, and no soy products.  It involves eating tons of proteins from meats and eggs coupled with vegetables and fruit. Click here if you want to read more about this lifestyle/diet. This is a choice I made, and the rest of the family is not on board yet, so their diets are a little different. It has been hard! Really hard! I love good old starchy white potatoes, cookies, chips, and pizza! However, not all of that liked my body- or my body didn’t like it. I always felt like I had low energy, was bloated, had stomach issues- and none of it was fun.

At Christmas my sister in law and her husband came into town. They have been living gluten free for a while and talked about how their bodies feel more inflamed when they do eat gluten. It made me start to think about what I eat and how I feel afterwards. So, I decided to give it a try. I went full on paleo, so it would help me eliminate things from my diet that I don’t normally think about when I eat it. I thought that maybe I would slowly start to introduce some back into my diet to see what made me feel bad. This lifestyle change called for a tremendous overhaul.  So here are some things that I don’t keep in our house- bags of chips, cookies, pop tarts, candy, fruit chews- just not much junk food at all. I now have carrots on hand at all times, fruit (the kids love fruit), eggs, coconut/almond milk, almond flour, vegan butter and some more that I can’t think of right now! You see the difference? To many this seems like an impossible lifestyle change and I get it. For me it wasn’t that bad because I am not a big dread eater or dairy eater- I do love me some ice cream though! 😊 So I want to share some things that I am doing to make this lifestyle change easier as my body adjusts and is almost resetting itself!

I was reading an article from John Hopkins University by Helen Fields regarding the immune system and the correlation to the gut. It was noted by Dan Peterson that a substantial portion of our immune system lives in our GI tract.  It is a good quick read- click here to read it!. It makes you think about all the bacteria that is just hanging out in your gut/colon. I know that I have personally struggled with gut issues and both on the kids did when they were babies, so now it is really important to me that I be mindful of what my family eats. Since beginning the Paleo lifestyle, I have gone of course a few times. I thought that it would be fine and that I would not be able to tell a difference and I was wrong! My stomach hurt, it was so bloated that my stomach looked like a balloon. All of the steps forward that I have been taking, felt like I took 100 steps backwards. I was miserable. I know that I am not going to always be there telling them to eat a carrot instead of a cookie- nor do I want to be the mom who does not let my kids live. I, however, do not want my kids to feel that miserable either from eating. For this reason, we support our intestines with probiotics! For the kids we use doTerra PB Assist Jr. This probiotic is specially formulated for kids with 5 billion live cells that help support their intestines! It comes in a little pouch like the pixie stick candy- as far as my kids know, that is what it is too! The hubs and I also take the PB Assist probiotic, just the adult version! There are 6 billion CFU’s in this one that help to support your digestive, intestinal, and immune health!

PB Assist JR

I also know that we will also not get everything we need from food that we eat so, we also take supplements that provide out bodies with the essential vitamins and minerals that we are missing from food. For the kids’ supplement, it is called AtoZ It is a watermelon flavor chewable (not to be confused with chewy) tablet. They take two a day and then I can feel better that they are getting what they need to support their growing little bodies!  For the adults in the family, we use the Lifelong Vitality Pack that is made up of three different supplements. The first is the xEO Mega. xEO Mega is formulated with essential oils as well as a blend of land and marine based omega fatty acids. It is designed to help support immune, joint, cardiovascular and brain health! Next is the Micro Plex VMz. This is the vitamins and minerals supplement that provides essential antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E as well as B vitamins which help with energy!  To be exact, there are 22 essential vitamins and minerals- all which support healthy growth, function and maintenance of your cells. Oh, and did I mention that it helps support healthy metabolism and cellular energy? The last one that makes up this trio is the Alpha CRS+. Alpha CRS+ is formulated to help support the cells of your body by reducing oxidative stress. This blend is the boost that your cells need to be able to function at the ideal level and give the boost to your immune system. It is to be used with the xEO Mega and Micro Plex VMz for ideal benefits.


Since I started taking these supplements, I have noticed a few different things, all which have been AWESOME! First, and probably the most important to me is my mood. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for some time now. I hate the thought of taking medicine for it. That is a personal preference because I tend to not have favorable reactions to medications of that nature- not that I am against it! Since starting these, I have noticed that I am not as emotional unstable- I don’t get irritated with my husband as often, I do not feel down for now reason, and I really just feel happier. If you struggle with depression, you know the feeling I am talking about! I am not going to say it has completely removed them from my life, but I can honestly say I feel 90% better!  Second, I have more energy! That in its self is great since I work all day and come home and still have a family to take care! Plus, when you have more energy, you tend to be in a better mood! My last amazing benefit is my adult acne.  I know we all hate talking about it and we just hope no one bring it up or notices, but it’s a real issue! My face has improved tremendously since I began taking the LLV. I also use the doTerra skin care line- that is for a different day because it is awesome too! My face is smoother and more vibrant. I have had several people ask me what I am doing to make my face look so good, and honestly it took me a while to figure it out, but there it is- that is what I am doing! TAKE LLV! 😊

Feel free to reach out to me if you want to know more about how these can help you and your family feel better! Check them out for yourselves too! I encourage you to do your own research!

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