The Power of Prayer

Praying can be intimidating. It can make you freeze and lose all sense of thought. Why? Have we lost sight of what is true and holy? Have we become self-absorbed and prideful that we think “I got this”? Let me share 3 ways with you to help bring prayer back into your daily routine!

I know some of you may be asking how does giving me ways to pray have anything to do with the power of prayer? It is simple. I have prayed for a long time about my blog, about my doTerra business, about my family, and an array of other topics. God has always had a funny way and perfect timing of making these things become a reality. Prayer is the way we communicate with God. It is the way we ask for guidance and forgiveness.  My best friends and I try to have lunch together at least twice a month if not more and we always pray before we eat, even out in public. As people around us are leaving usually someone comes up to us and comments that it is so nice to see young adults pray. Have we become that engrossed with ourselves and society that we forget to take time to thank the one that has provided us with the abundance that we are about to eat? Has the debate of religion made us feel uncomfortable to practice it outside of the walls of our church? Or have we become so disconnected from God that we don’t even know where to begin? About four and half years ago, this is where I was.  I had strayed away from my faith and I thought, “God has seen all my sins, he knows my heart, but he could never forgive me”. Boy was I wrong. Our God is so merciful and offers us so much grace that I promise, going to him in prayer is worth it. I began praying because I knew I would need God to help me be the parent I wanted to be to my expecting child. So, I started praying.

I want to share with you how I brought myself back to praying and having those awkward conversations with God.

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Humble Yourself!

God created you and he knows all your faults. You are not hiding anything from him by not praying to him. Humbling yourself means being vulnerable and not being prideful. You may cry and that is ok. Know that God wants you to talk to him. He wants you to ask for help. Do not be too prideful to acknowledge that you cannot do everything “on your own”.  Just as I knew that I needed God to help me be the parent I wanted to be, you probably have an area in your life that you could use God’s assistance!


Start a Prayer Journal.

Sometimes we get stage fright and we feel like praying puts us right in the middle of that stage, with one judge.  We don’t know what to say and the words just won’t come out.  Write your prayers down.  When you write them down you are thinking them out and you can make sure you got it all down. When you have it written down, go back and read it out loud. Guess what, you just said your prayer! I love doing this because then you can go back and reread your prayers and reflect on how God has blessed you and see where he worked in your life to answer that prayer!

Here is a good one for young adults or college students. It is small and is easy to keep with you during the day so you can pray wherever you are:

Start a Daily Devotional.

Sometimes we don’t even know what we need or what to pray for.  Finding a daily devotional is a good place to start. Devotionals give us a starting point and allow us to reflect on scripture and see how it can fit into our daily life. It can offer us hope and encouragement as well.  There are thousands to choose from and finding one that may work for you may seem daunting but it is easy, this part is not rocket science! Here are a few of my tops picks:

For the Young Adults or New Comers:

For the Women:

For the Men:

Praying is not hard, opening up after years of solitude from God that is hard. I get it, I was there!  However, I can tell you that God’s grace has been so amazing to me and my family since we have brought Him back into our lives. It is never too late and you are never too far gone for God to show you His mercy and grace! I encourage you to start now, stop reading and pray!

Dear Lord, I pray that through me, people will see you, seek you and grow their relationship with you. May you offer grace and mercy to those that seek you and turn from evil. Lord, I pray that mt squirrelly followers seek you in all they do.


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    Carlie, I love your openness and willingness to share your love for our Father!
    I love you and am thankful to be able to call you my friend!💜

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