Slapped By Reality… Twice!

Have you ever had a reality check that literally slaps you in the face? Has anyone ever said something to you that was so true you wanted to vomit or yell at them for saying it but instead you take a big breath and swallow your pride instead? That happened to my twice this week! TWICE, in one week! Actually, let me real… twice within two days! That is so much reality to face that I had to share it with you all! I know I can’t be the only one going through something like this! I better not be anyway! LOL

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Reality Face Slap #1

Friday night I went to an event with my small group where a lady spoke on her story of Mistaken Identity. Y’all, if you have not heard this story you need to read her book! After a horrible accident, her identity was switched with another students and her life was left in the hands of another family. She has used the platform she was given from this event to share her faith and deeper her relationship with Christ. She has found out who she is in Christ. At the end of her speech, she asked us if we knew who we were in Christ. Now, I know that not all of my readers have the same faith as I do, so please feel free to ship this next tidbit. Do I know who I am in Christ?

This is a question I have been struggling with for a while actually. Which, I think if I have been struggling with it then the answer to it is easy. NO! I have no idea who I am in Christ. I know I am a believer and that every day I try to strengthen my relationship with Christ and to be more Christ like. I try not to talk about people in a slanderous way. I try to uplift people and help them see the best in every situation. I try to be a good wife and mother, keep a clean house, and feed my family. But are these things that please God, or man? Are these things that will grant me eternal life with God or just what people will say about me at my funeral? Am I truly pleasing God?

I think not.

I have prayed to him over and over, pleading for his guidance on situations, asking for wisdom on how to handle others. Too many times have I heard him loud and clear and disobeyed. Too many times have I heard him and made excuses for why I think it’s not Him speaking to me. The worst one, too many times have I heard him and let other people tell me that it is my own desires and not God. WOW!  How much worse can it get? How many times will I pray to Him and Him give me what I ask for and I turn away? I am so glad that God shows grace and forgives! Time for some deep soul-searching and tons of praying!

Reality Face Slap #2

I have been eyeing this book on amazon for a while now, it is called “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis. I saw it when my small group had finished “Lies Women Believe” and we were looking for our next study. I became interested in it, but I am not a big reader, so I decided to not start two new books at the same time. Well, a nice perk of being an amazon prime member is that you get free credits for audible, an audiobook app. So, I downloaded it. I had a small road trip to make Sunday and I turned it on. I am now  3 hours in to this 7-hour book.

I am obsessed!

I highly recommend it to every girl, women, and man who has a girl in his life! It is so full of truth. Every story she has told I have been able to relate to in some fashion. Her purpose of the book is to open the eyes of women about the lies we tell ourselves that keep up from being happy and reaching our goals. She goes through a series of lies she has told herself and then tells what helped her overcome them. She states that WE, the individuals are the only thing in our way!

Me standing in my own way? No way, right? But WOW- how true it is! I have made a hundred excuses for why I haven’t reached silver in doTerra yet, or why I am so sporadic in my blog postings… Truth is, my priorities are out of line. I had not thought about what I need to really focus on to reach my goal, but rather on what I needed to do to make everyone else happy, or what I need to do to be seen as a good wife and mom. Well guess what, I love being a good wife and mom and making people happy. But, I’m not happy. I am not happy where I have settled right now. I want more out of myself. Just like with my MBA. It was a goal I wanted to accomplish, and I had too many people (family and friends) tell me not to do it or be crabby with me when I had homework to do and could not be at their beck and call. Well, guess what? If I want to be successful with doTerra and my blog I will have to act with the same type of resilience and determination as I did then. I know it is in me, I just have to find it again!

MBA Graduation

May 2017 Graduation with my Masters of Organizational Communication

Gracefully Picking Up the Pieces!

So, in the next coming weeks, maybe even months, I will be doing some major soul-searching, life evaluations, and reorganization of my life. I hope you are ready to take this journey with me. I hope that you too will look at your life and see what your goals are, see who you are living for, and make the most out of it. I really think that if we have the right people in our lives then we will be able to accomplish anything we want because we will have the support we need! If you think this is wrong, maybe it is time to re-evaluate who is in your life.

If you are ready to take this journey with me or just want to watch me fall and get back up again, please like, share and subscribe! It would mean so much to me and truly help me get this thing off the ground! And as a positive, I really don’t post too much so I won’t bog down your email! YAY! Until next time my squirrelly friends, keep it nutty!

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  1. Sarah Stigleman

    Thank you for being so raw and honest with us! I know we all struggle with settling but you have inspired me to work on being consistent with my relationship with Christ! Cant wait to see your progress! Any tips are appreciated!

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