I am so glad you stopped by for some fun! Let me tell you about me and what you can expect here!

My name is Carlie! I am not perfect! I try real hard but fall short! That being said, life is good and I am excited to share it with y’all!

My husband and I have been together since early 2010 when we meet in college. We have gone through many life challenges together since then! From break-ups to moves across country and back. We are now located back in the midwest, raising our two beautiful strongwilled children!

We are in the process of fixing up our current home and waiting on the right opportunity to make us move!

I received my college education from Murray State University, BS in Business Administration and MBA in Organizational Communication. I am very passionate about my education and love sharing it with others! With little room to use it at my 9-5, I was looking for an outlet and decided to start a blog. I love sharing about my passions of being a wife and mother and how adopting a healthy lifestyle has improved my health and that of my loved ones!

This is a much less formal way of using my education, but it allows for me to communicate with the outside world, the young adults, the wives, and other parents who are all going through this struggle of adulthood too!

What I hope to offer you here!

Here you will find a blog that celebrates wins and shares disappointments. You will find a real, true friendship and we will venture into life head on!

I post about several lifestyle topics. These will range from eating and exercise to the use of natural products to support your body and health issues you may face. I will share struggles I have with my kids and advice that works for us in handling situations. Oh, and I will for sure be seeking advice too so be ready to pipe in too! I NEED ADULT COMMUNICATION! LOL

There will be more conversations on how to effectively communicate in your marriage and life in general… This is something we all need to work on daily, not just when things get bad!

Lastly, there will be information on how to organize your home and life to make it more functional while we are juggling the millions of acorns we have flying around at all times!

Hang tight with me as my blog is going through an overhaul and reeling in my scope of topics. However, there is so much more to come, and I am so excited for this year and the journey we are about to take together!

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AKA- The Squirrelly Mom

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