Happy New Year y’all! I am so glad to be ringing in the new year with you all! I hope you have had a great time celebrating the recent holidays with your family and friends! I know I sure have! To be honest though, I am so glad to be starting a new year and a new decade and to have the hustle and bustle of the holidays behind me, for the next 10 months anyway!

This coming year I have some big plans! How about you? Have you set your resolutions? I personally don’t set resolutions, but I make plans and set goals. I don’t like to make resolutions because I am not going to start or stop doing something but improving some things that I am already working on. I like to think of new years as a time for me to evaluate how I did over the past year, what can I improve on or do differently. So, I want to share a couple of my plans with you all! I find that when I tell people my goals or plans, I hold myself more accountable than if I just kept them to myself. I need someone to help me stay focused and on task rather than being able to tell myself that I will do it later or that it isn’t that important! So, here they are!

GOAL 1. 

Over the past year I have started several posts for you all but I have not been very good at finishing them and definitely not good at getting them posted. My goal this year is to post at least twice a month. I want to keep you all well informed of healthy living habits that can help you all reach some of your goals over the next year. I will be sharing on s few topics from easy at home workouts to healthy eating habits that won’t break the bank! I will also be sharing about doTerra essential oils and how to use them to help support you and your family’s needs! I will also  be throwing a few in there throughout the year on updates on my family and what is going on in our lives!


I have a goal of reorganizing my house this year! One room at a time. This one already sounds terrible! However, if you ask anyone that knows me, I hate clutter and I hate having things just for the sake of having them. I need them to serve a purpose in my life or I don’t need them. I also am not a person that holds on to things that are broke for very long. If I think I can fix it I give myself 30 days and if it is not done then it’s gone. With that being said, I also like to rearrange things and find ways to make better use of space. This will be my primary goal this year. While we are still always looking for our perfect forever home, I want to make the best out of our current home for our family. I will keep you updated on this process through my post in my family section!


Finally, my biggest goal that I have is to me more involved and in tune with my kids. I know that this sounds like I am an absent mom or maybe even a crazy thing to say but hear me out. I see my kids for about four hours a day during the week since I work outside of the home and they go to school. During those four hours there are two meals, cleaning up and bath time. There has seemed to not be much time for quality time and I am working on changing that! This year we will play games together and read more books! I will have to change my schedule on the time that I do things and I think this will be the biggest adjustment. Finding the time to do it all while maintaining my sanity! However, this are the years that I want to really start making memories with my kids! They are able to do more now that they are a little older and I want to make the best of these years… You know, before they hate me and think I am the worst person ever!

I would love to hear some of your goals so maybe I can help you with achieving them as well! I pray that you all have had a great start to the New Year, and I can’t wait to share more with you all!


XOXO- The Squirrelly Mom

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