God’s Greatest Gifts

In your life, what would you say have been your greatest gifts? What did you have to do to get those gifts? When I was younger I probably would have said, “I haven’t got any great gifts”.  I was a young girl who had worked really hard and thought that everything I had was because of the hard work I put in. I never stopped to think about the people in my life or the reason they were in my life. I certainly never stopped to think that God had put them there for a reason. Over the last few weeks as I have dug deeper into many areas I am struggling with it dawned on me that I have had many great gifts, but I have only a few of the Greatest Gifts.

God's Greatest Gifts


Some of my great gifts would be the people that were in my life in high school that gave me the fear of letting them down. This instilled hard work and persistence and a great deal of respect. These people also supported me in cheerleading and helped me be able to still participate and helped encourage me to continue my education into college (you know who you are and I still love you dearly and appreciate you more than you will ever know).  I have had great role models in college who I did not truly appreciate then that helped guide me to a path of righteousness and whom to this day I still want to make proud! I have been blessed with friends that share the same beliefs as I do and we get to take this walk of faith together and strengthen our relationship with God together. However, these are not the things that caused a turning point in my life that made me want to seek the Holy Spirit in every aspect of my life! Let me tell you about the things that did!

Finding out I was pregnant with our son- before I was married!


This was a hard pill for me to swallow! Honestly, I never thought I would be that girl and I really wanted to prove some people wrong that had said it. But as my mom always said- you play, you pay- and I did. When the reality of having a child sank in, I knew I could not do this alone; not the pregnancy or parenthood. I had Brian, but I needed something more- something else. So I prayed. I prayed for the first time in a long time. I prayed that God would give me what I could handle and for a healthy baby and for guidance on raising this child. I continued to pray every day since then. God gave me what I asked for and I now have a healthy and happy little boy. He has been one of the GREATEST GIFTS because without him, I am not sure I would have started praying again and God knew this! He knew I needed something to humble me and bring me back to prayer.

My marriage!

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Yes, I married the father of my son and we had been together nearly five years when we got married. Did you all know MARRIAGE IS HARD WORK? It is the hardest work I have ever done! Not because Brain will blindly pee on the toilet seat in the morning, but because every day we learn more about each other and as time goes on we change and evolve into the situations we are in and we have to continually get to know each other again. We must work on communication all the time, it is a never-ending part of our relationship. We pray for each other and for ourselves to understand the new people we are growing and adjusting to be. When we got married I vowed to love my husband until death do us part. That can be a long time so I better pray every day that he wakes up and still loves me because I can be a lot to handle!  When Brian and I started dating, faith was not at the center of our relationship. Now we are trying to rebuild a relationship with faith being the center and the foundation.  It has been amazing for me to see the transformation in me with how I respond to him and how he responds to me and it continues to be a work in progress but we pray God blesses our marriage and helps us to be strong!

Our daughter!


Wow is she a pistol! She is hard headed, independent and curious! With our son, he was so easy going and happy and hardly ever got in trouble, we had no idea what to expect with her. Well honestly, I expected them to be the same just one male and one female. Boy was I wrong! God got a good laugh out of me on that one! I have had to learn that raising her will take a village, lots of faith, and even more prayers! I have learned that I will have to know 100% that God is the only one that can help me get though these years with her. She and I are so much alike and I love it just as much as I love her.  The point is that God put her in my life because I was becoming complacent. I was beginning to think that I could do this life without God in its daily and that I didn’t need to pray all the time. God made this one of my greatest gifts because he knew I would need a reminder that I needed him every day. He gave me the most beautiful little girl who has humbled me.

These are my greatest gifts because each one of them has made me realize I have to have my relationship with God before any other relationship. They have all given me a reason to work on that relationship. I love my family and I know that God has blessed me with them for the sake of our relationship. He knew I did not want to have kids, but he knew I needed them to be drawn to Him. He knew that I needed everything to fall into place as it did so that I would turn to him and dig deep into myself and find Him and my faith!

Think about all the aspects of your life, ones that are perfect and ones not so perfect- what is the message God is trying to tell you? Do you need him to help with your kids or with your marriage, job, or friendship? Humble yourself before the Lord and ask for His help! Together, you can get through anything!  Go to him in prayer and ask for his guidance and help! You will be surprised at what happens!


The Squirrelly Mom


Dear Lord, please be with each and every one of the squirrelly followers. Lord help me to be a voice that brings them to you, that helps them to see the greatest gifts you have put in their lives. Lord Please continue to bring us together to share this crazy life journey.



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