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Hey Y’all!

I am so excited to tell you all about our girls trip! A few weeks ago I saw a video on Facebook that was talking about women’s mental health and how spending time with your friends is very beneficial in helping deal with depression and anxiety. Both of these are something that I suffer from. I really think this is true and something that both men and women could benefit from. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the daily activities that you “have” to do and forget to relax and unwind to let your mind rest.


Now, making time for your friends may seem really easy but in reality it isn’t! Juggling time, work, marriage, kids, cleaning, other family…. you get the picture. Friends have to be a priority in your life, they help keep you sane! Lucky for me, I work with my best friends so I get to see them every day! We try to go to lunch together at least once a week if not more. Sometimes we just come to my house on lunch and hang out. We love spending time together! Which made it even more exciting that we got to plan this girls trip to Louisville for the weekend to celebrate a birthday!

It was extremely wet (the rain and flooding were crazy) yet so relaxing! It is an absolute blessing to be able to be able to go and spend the weekend with my friends! If you remember from my last blog, we went to Louisville, KY. I love this city! There is always something to do and amazing food to eat! Not to mention there are some really awesome places to stay,  hotels or strangers’ houses! We choose to stay at someone’s house. I was a little nervous about this to be honest, but it turned out to be perfect!



The house we stayed at was AMAZING! It was so cute, clean and decorated so nice! The host we equally as nice! It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived, we were greeting and given a tour of the place. They showed us how to work a slot machine they have as well as an old parking meter lamp! The bathroom was absolutely amazing! From the marble walled shower to the heated floors, they really thought of everything a guest would love to have! Talk about top-notch hospitality Joe and Karen were the best!

Bathroom LivingArea


Fun Dining


Despite the rain, we decided to venture out for some dinner! After fighting flooding streets we arrived at Crescent Hill Craft house! My husband I have been here a few times and have always had a good time! It still lived up to my expectations when the girls and I went! There are over 40 craft beers on tap with some really great food to go with it! We started with cheese curds that were so good and very much non-paleo! They were so good that we almost forgot to take a picture! They have food that will fit into almost any diet though, so give it a chance! My favorite menu item is the charred chicken wings! They are grilled with a dry rub and pairs with three perfect dipping sauces! The atmosphere is laid back modern industrial decor! The building has high ceilings with exposed ductwork and red brick walls. It seems to be a place where people of all ages come to gather for a good relaxing time!


When we finally made it back to the house we did what all girls do, talked and watched TV! Nothing too exciting there! However, the next day we visiting Nulu an area on East Market Street that is being revived with modern shops that range from all natural shops to high-end home good stores. There are several restaurants on the strip there and this really cute coffee shop called Please and Thank You! Here we had great coffee and pastries as a light breakfast! The chill vibes from here set the tone for a relaxing Sunday morning! They have room filled with records and will play them throughout the space! Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, give it a try- they have some really awesome lemonade too!




After we ate we went to World Market and Lush to do some more shopping! We found all sorts of things that we loved! At World Market we got Easter gifts, clothes and even stuff for the office! At Lush, what did we not find? This was my first experience with Lush and to be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed! All the bright colors coupled with the smells was exciting though! Did you know you can get samples of everything but the fresh masks? How cool is that? For those who have not been there before, it is a handmade skin care items and bath bombs. Be sure to either go with someone who has been there, or don’t be afraid to ask questions! Also, be ready to spend some money! It is not too expensive, but you will just love it all! 🙂

The last stop we made before heading home was back on East Market Street. There is a local farm to table restaurant called Harvest. They support local farmers by buying everything they need from them. As you look around the place, you will see large pictures of all the farmers. Under each picture it tell who they are. On the back wall there is a huge map that has pins on it locating all of the suppliers! To the side is the full details of their farms! What I love most about Harvest, other than the perfect food, is that from time to time, you can actually catch a farmer delivering food and get to meet them. They walk around and make sure you are enjoying their food!  Locally sourced food that supports an area is so amazing and they care so much about the quality that you can guarantee your food will be perfection!

Next time you are up for a weekend getaway, explore Louisville and don’t be afraid to go a little out of your comfort zone to try some good places! Most of all, make time for you and your friends too! The fellowship and laughter is so good for the soul!



Dear Lord,

Thank you for blessing us with this beautiful day and all the glory to come! Lord we thank you for placing people in our lives that lift us up, laugh with us, and that love you!


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    Wow such an amazing read! Louisville is a wonderful town! I love how the links are in the post!! Keep being such a rock star!!

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