Dear Lord,

Please allow this blog to be a place for fellowship, creativity, and growth. I pray that you allow me to speak to both men and women who are going through life- all stages- who my feel the need to get crafty, need a place for prayer, and/or looking for fun crafts or recipes. Please be with my new nutty followers as we get to know each other!


Welcome to The Squirrelly Mom blog! Let me introduce myself.  My name is Carlie and I am a full time working wife and mom. My husband and I have two wonderful, energetic, loving, wild, needy, and exhausting children and one amazing dog, Hercules! I love Jesus, my family, cooking, crafting, everything Essential Oils, and drinking wine. You will find that every blog I post will being with a prayer- I am very blessed and I know I would not be where I am without God! If you are not religious, I do not mean to offend you, please don’t offend me either!

The name of my blog has two meanings to me! First, while in college I joined the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, our mascot is the squirrel! I love everything about AGD and the woman it helped me become! Second, since becoming a mom I have found that my memory is not as good as it used to be! I used to think I was on top of my game…. Yea, not so much anymore! I am learning that this is okay! It is okay to be a little nutty, to forget to switch your laundry because you are playing dinosaurs with your son or because your daughter wants you to hold her. Life will go on and those things will get done- eventually! So, while I am adjusting to the stages of parenthood, I feel like a squirrel who is constantly looking for his nut to help him survive,and just when I find it- its lost again! Have you all seen Ice age? If you haven’t, watch this link so you understand my feeling: . Sometimes I feel like that squirrel, and its okay! In the end it all works out, or I figure a new way to do things! Through this journey we will share some real-life nuttiness!

As a new blogger, I am open to all suggestions as to what you would like to read or hear about! I will be sharing my life with you, I will be open and honest with you as much as I can! Please be respectful- this is my life and I want to share it with you so others can relate, not judge!

I will be sharing parenting tips (does and don’t) from my own experience! *Disclaimer* I am not a perfect mom, nor do I pretend like I am! I do have some (3.5 years) experience that some newer parents may find helpful! I will be sharing one of my largest passions and that is living a healthier life by supporting your body with essential oils! I am a Wellness advocate with doTerra Essential Oils and I love it!! There will be more of that to come! This year I am taking better care of myself  which means a life style change. I have begun the Paleo life style- lets be real- today (01.10.18) is day 3 for me. It is a hard adjustment but its going okay so far! I will share this journey and recipes along the way as well! I am the only member of my family participating in this life style change, so I will discuss how that goes as well! When you want to do something for yourself, you must be your biggest supporter. Your support team is important, but they are not always in your head like you are! I know that everyone’s diets are different, therefore I will also post non-paleo recipes! Don’t worry, I won’t push you to this diet! That is totally up to you! My mom and sister will have their blog up and running soon and we will collaborate on recipes as well! Stay toned for that- it will be fun! We are one big nutty family!

With many other topics that will arise, one of my favorite topics will be my kids! I will share real life, every day craziness that happens with them, hacks on how to parent while being a full time working wife/husband- or single parent! Our children are the light of my life and as a working mom I miss them so much while at work! I know that some stay at home moms are thinking “try being with them all day, you won’t miss them then”! You are probably right, I won’t argue! However, right now I do! I always dreamed that I would be a stay at home mom, but life has not worked out that way YET! This is where that journey starts! Being a stay at home mom will be a life style change for myself and my family. And I will be sharing the ups and downs of this journey right here! Part of this journey will be becoming more frugal and saving money better. I have a best friend who is AMAZING at couponing and saving money! I will have a post with tips from her and some great resources for you all here soon! I know it’s the first of the year and we are all trying to save money, right?

As you start to follow my blog, please introduce yourself! I would love to get to know you as you get to know me!

So, lets meet! 😊

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