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Dear Lord,

I pray that you be with all those who read this and more in this next week. Help them to find joy in the works that they do, find time to laugh, and to stay focused on the blessing you have given them. Lord, I pray that this week be filled with productive tasks that allow us to draw nearer to you and to the path that you have laid out for us. May we all listen to your callings and follow your plan for us!


Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are all geared up for this week! I know that I love my weekends, but they always seem to go by so fast and by Sunday night I wonder where the weekend went! So, while I feel like I have so much going on, I am excited for this week coming up! There are things that I need to finish up and things that I have to get ready to do (like taxes- yuck) and I also get to have a girl’s weekend to celebrate my best friends’ birthday! So, I wanted to share a little of what I am working on right now!

In March of 2017, my husband and I tore up the carpet upstairs- like up the stairs, our bedroom, closest, and office. It was a work in progress and took some time as we wanted to work in one area at a time. So, the stairs went first. We ordered the matching stair treads to match our existing floors downstairs that we had done before we moved in. They did not match, and we re-ordered. Well, guess what- it still didn’t match. If you are familiar with ordering flooring then you know it takes a few weeks to get in, only to find it doesn’t match. We took time to find the best match and it wasn’t even the same kind! How crazy! So- long story short WE FINALLY GOT IT ALL LAID!! Now we are in the process or re-doing the trim. We have decided that we want white trim rather than the stained wood trim that we currently have throughout the house. In our house, it makes it seem so dark- I am not a fan! We found the exact match to what we currently have, so we will be ordering that soon and getting the floors completely done!

The next step will be getting my office back together! I have painted one wall so far and have tree more to go before we can put the trim back in on the floor! When pulling everything out to get the carpet out, I decided to sell several items in the house and my desk was one of them! So, I am not looking for ways to utilize space and repurpose furniture that we already have or build something with materials we already have. I may even have to buy some extra material to get it exactly how I want it! My current boss gave away some stand-alone storage cabinets, so I am working on refinishing them! I am excited and nervous as this will be my first time doing this- start to finish! Below are a few pictures of the progress thus far!

Wall 1

Cabinet 1

This one will be done first!

Cabinet 2Cabinet 3

The next area that we will be working on is the closet! We will be working on adding some more practical storage for our belongings. We have purged our clothes and shoes so that has helped tremendously but having good storage solutions is always helpful! I have two eight-cube storage shelves from IKEA. One of them I will be laying on its side in the back of closet to add more space. I am also looking at ways to better store clothes. So, please comment on this post with your tips or ideas! I am open to suggestions and would love to hear from you all!

Next, we will move to the Livingroom where we are having some custom shelves made by a friend of ours. He owns Hayes wood working. He is just getting started but he does amazing work! We will be mounting our TV, so we will be needing shelves to hold our cable box and other décor. I have also sold several items that I have in our Livingroom that provided useful storage. I was ready for a change and now I need to figure out the best possible ways to utilize our space, so we can get the shelves made! More on them to come but in the meantime- head on over to Hayes Wood Working on Facebook and like his page so you can stay update on all his works!

Enough about the house, let me tell you about my fun girls’ weekend ahead! ITS MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTHDAY! I am so excited that we get to get out of town! It will be the birthday girl, myself and our other best friend! We will be staying at a cute little Air B & B. A trip to Shelbyville’s outlet mall will be a must as well! Next area of recommendations from my nutty followers is now! Tell me your favorite things to do in Louisville, places to eat, est. We are not looking to go out partying- sadly we may have left our glory days in the past… I will do a full report on this trip next week with pictures and review on your lodging! I am so excited for this trip. As a mom it is so nice to take time for yourself and spend time with dear friends. To not have to mom for one day and to actually relax! There is nothing better in like than laughing and I imagine we will be doing a lot of that this weekend! Don’t forget to comment on this post with your favorites for Louisville!

Well this is what is going on in my life this week (and maybe a little further out). I can’t wait to show you all finished products of all our arduous work! In the meantime, don’t forget to comment with your closet storage ideas and your favorite things to do in Louisville! Also, I love that you all like my post, but please share it as well! Let’s reach as many people as possible! There is a huge world out there that I am trying to reach! 😀

Until next time, stay nutty my favorite squirrelly followers!

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  1. Belinda DeVillez

    Hi Carlie!

    First of all I can’t wait to see your finished room! Would love to come over and see the work in progress! I may have some clothing storage tips! You girls have fun in Louisville! There is an outlet mall nearby that you may have to check out! Love your posts! Keep them coming!!

    Your squirrelly friend, Belinda 😀

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