I know, I know…. You are building family memories and giving your kids some really cool experiences. That is really awesome and I couldn’t agree more that it is totally worth it. However, what about the the most important aspect of your family?

Keep reading to hear me out on this and see why we don’t take our kids on vacations right now!


I love seeing pictures of families on vacation and the kids playing in the sand. It really does melt my heart! These are memories that should definitely go in their baby books and I really hope you are capturing as many pictures as possible. Right now, if your child is younger than eight years old, those photos will be vital to their memory as they try to recall any part of the vacation. Research has shown that as children grow up, their memories of their younger years fade. Around eight years of age is when they begin to develop better long term memories allowing them to remember events as they age. While they are younger they may remember events from ages two to four.. However, they are likely to forget most of it as their brain develops more.

My husband and I do not see why we need to waste money on vacations they will not remember. We would probably be stressed anyway. Making sure we brought everything they ‘might’ need. Making sure we took pictures to capture their “first time’s”, all while not being present! That sounds exhausting!

Right now, it is more important spend money on memories that we can make as a married couple. It is more important to support the foundation of the family.

Supporting the Family Foundation

While making memories as a married couple is fun and important, there is more to it! Any couple with children know that your relationship often comes as a second thought to the kids and all the running that it takes to support the daily activities. With two kids less than two years apart, it takes a huge toll on us. Not to mention that we both have side jobs that we are doing to generate more income and support for our family.

Our marriage is important to us. We have worked really hard to get where we are and we take the time to put focus on this relationship because without it, there is no family. We are the head of the family. Taking a vacation that allows us the time to reconnect and relax is worth every penny! These vacations can be long weekends or a week long. If money is tight, plan a date night, but making time to support and nurture the maintain relationship in the family is necessary!

Opportunities for the Kids

When taking kids on vacations I think to think that we want them to be entertained and to have some really awesome experiences, right? Do I have the wrong idea? Surely there is more to these family vacations than cute pictures of the toddlers playing in sand. When I take my kids on a family vacation, I want to be able to have fun adventures. I want to ride ALL the cool rides at Disney. Most importantly, I want to do it all as a family! Not divide and conqure becuase sissy is too little to ride all the rides bubba wants to ride. I certainly don’t want to pack the kids everywhere because they get tired!

Making sure that the kids are age appropriate and that the vacation is enjoyable for us all is big to me. Why am I going to waste money on small pointless vacation right now? I want to save and take awesome vacations with my husband! We can take more adventurous vacations with the kids in a few years!

Our Vacations Without Kids

Two years ago we were lucky enough to finally take our honeymoon vacation. We were able to head far south down to Antigua! Let me tell you, IT WAS AMAZING! We were able to go as we please. We snorkeled (twice), paddle boarded, went on a catamaran around the island, laid out, read. Never once did we have to plan around nap times, make sure a restaurant was child friendly, or pack kid snacks to the beach. This year we are heading down to St Lucia. We couldn’t be more excited to do it again!

As a couple, we welcome these vacations and the time we spend as husband and wife. Focusing these years and our kid-less vacations on us. We come back ready and eager to be parents again and to offer a solid foundation of a family to our kids. Taking care of us is the most important thing.

So if you are planning a vacation, don’t feel bad if you are wanting to leave the kids behind with grandma and grandpa. Don’t feel bad for taking a really cool vacation without the kids because they can’t enjoy it right now. Instead, embrace it! Relax and remember why you love your significant other!

Tell me, do you always take your kids with you? If you do, where do you take them? What do you recommend to those who feel they need to as well? If you are like us and opt for the kid free vacation, what has been your favorite one? Where would you recommend couples going?

I can’t wait to hear from you all and t to tell you more about our vacation coming up to St Lucia! BRING ON THE SUNSHINE!!!

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