3 Gift Ideas for 3 Hard to Shop for People

Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year! It sneaks up on us all so quickly. With a little over a month to go, I wanted to help prepare you all with some nifty gift ideas for some of those hard to shop for people in or lives! Check out my list of gift ideas for the hubby or men in your lives, in-laws, and teachers!


I love when people are easy to shop for! You can pick up anything anywhere and know that they would love it, or the idea of it anyway! Sometimes though, you just have no idea! It is hard to find ideas that are practical yet unique or thoughtful yet impractical! My husband is the most difficult person to ever shop for! The man wears the same things to work and I hate the idea of work clothes for gifts. He wants REALLY BIG toys, you know the once that you see in fields… Yea, tractors! I’m too poor for that! Y’all, it’s hard! However, I have found gifts that work, and I want to share some of my ideas so that you aren’t waiting until the last-minute and getting generic gifts!

The Men in Our Lives

Dads to husbands, they can be down right difficult. They offer little to no guidance and often times just say, “I don’t care” or “I don’t want anything”. Well, we all know they do care, and they do want something! So here are my idea for these men!

  1. Wallets are used every day! Find a nice leather one and have a message or their name engraved on it!
    1. Leatherology has nice wallets that can be monogrammed.
    2. Personalization Mall offers wallets and money chips that can be personalized as well!
  2. Man Crates, have you heard of these? OMG, I think these are genius! They are crates stuffed with all the things a man would like with a corresponding theme. There are so many options to choose from, but you pick a theme and a crate arrives for your man! You get to pick what they would enjoy but takes the hassle out of putting it together! From cooking, to drinking to fishing and games, they have it all! I really thing you could find something for every man and even a few women on your shopping list!
  3. Electronic Device holders are becoming a very popular way for people to keep organized. This is especially true for the men that are working and traveling with their devices. Uncommon Goods has several options that would help the man in your life stay organized and you will have to do less finding for them! WIN-WIN!!

Tree Festival Grey And Gold


I love my kids’ teachers! They are so great to them and for all practical purposes are raising my children while I am at work! They are raising 8-16 kids at one time! That is the class size range for my two kids but that is a lot of kids at one time! They are incredibly valuable to every parent and household! If they aren’t on your list, ADD THEM! You don’t have to do anything super fancy or expensive, but you don’t what to skip them completely!  You can get the nice gifts at reasonable cost and it will mean so much to them! Here are a few  great ideas!

  1. Homemade items such as ornaments , paintings, or cards are a hit! I love doing crafts with my kids for gifts. I used to do it more when my son was younger, but I still try to at least once a year. This can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. Some great ways to do this are to have your child paint an ornament or do a design that is relevant to their teacher (this depends on the age as well). I have done reindeer paintings with their feet or hands and added a quote to it.  From a recent poll I did, this seems to have been a favorite as well!
  2. Gift Cards are a great way for teachers to get out and have some time to themselves. Give them a gift that is not to be used in the class room or teacher related. Movie tickets, 30-minute massage, restaurant gift cards, Amazon, or even a gift card to your local coffee shop or liquor are some great ideas! Yes, I said it.. you read it right… A liquor store. They enjoy a drink evey once and a while just like most other people do. I like a drink after dealing with my two kiddos, so I am sure they would enjoy one after dealing with a class full!
  3. Personalized gifts! Knowing your kids’ teachers well enough is key for this one! Some teachers may like personalized bags, shirts, or hats with their name on them. They may also like something to represent their favorite sports team. They may even like something to personalize their work space, you know since they spend more time there than at home! Giving them a gift that is multi-purpose is amazing! A magnetic board or frame so put pictures on or notes, or a door hanger are some great ideas! Get out Personalization Mall for some great ideas as well! Order soon though! I love getting ideas and gifts from here and you can usually find an Ebates for them as well!


Y’all, let me just be super honest. I have the best in-laws anyone could ever ask for. They do so much for our family so showing them our appreciation is a no brainer! I know that some people don’t feel the same way and it makes it difficult for you to pick out gifts. It can also be difficult to get gifts for your in-laws if they have everything, well let me give you some ideas on what they may life!

  1. Personalized gifts!  Y’all, can you tell that I think people like this? This is a unique gift that if just for your in-laws. This can be a blanket with family pictures, frames family photos, cutting boards with their names in them… you gee the idea! If there are grandkids, have mugs made with the most recent school pictures or family photo.
  2. Clothing…. I know, it seems generic but it can be very thoughtful. If they are active people or still play a round of golf or tennis, get this a new shirt, or hat. If they are into hunting, get them a new camo item. Clothing can be a great gift when you know what the person is into. If they don’t care for sport, a UK shirt may not be the best idea. On the contrary though, if they dress nice for work or church often, a new tie or blouse would be a great choice! If you are unsure of size, a gift card is a suitable option, just make it from an actual store, not a VISA gift card that looks as if no thought was given!
  3. Plan a date night with your in-laws. Again, I know that not everyone has as amazing in-laws as I do and you may not like being with them like I do, but just hang in there and hear me out! Going on a date night, or even lunch date, gives you time to get to know them more. Find a restaurant you all like, or a movie you want to see, and go! If you can find a concert you would both like to see, splurge for the tickets! After all, your in-laws did give life to your spouse! Do a group event or one on ones, which ever you are more comfortable with!

Well y’all,  I hope that you got some ideas and won’t be caught with your pants down come Christmas Eve! Check out Ebates or Groupon for some great deals too! You never know what you can find on these sites that might be exactly what you were looking for!

I hope y’all have a blessed and safe shopping season!

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  1. Erica K

    Oh my gosh great ideas! Let me tell you about those man crates, I have given to my dad at work, husband, and even sent overseas to military and they are always such a hit!

    Merry Christmas Squirrelly Mom!

    • thesquirrellymom

      I actually got that idea from you! I know you have really been pleased with them! Thanks for the inspiration!

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